The future in clean water starts


Empowering platers to treat their own waste water, Meknology’s Plater’s Paladin reduces the likelihood of spills and protects a plater’s bottom line.

Clean drinking water to the world, in a sustainable way. Meknology's Solace maintains a low carbon footprint, and a high output rate to Drastically reduce haul-off.


Meknology's purpose is to create innovative and empowering technical solutions that truly make a positive impact on people and the environment. Supported by Centrepolis and Spark Accelerators, we are a Seed Stage startup company. Meknology LLC was founded with the belief that the right technology and application of it can expose people to possibilities for empowerment that they may not have seen otherwise. It must be affordable and readily available for it to be good for the user. Our team is truly out to make a positive impact in the world with smart and well thought out solutions that fit each customer's spoken and un-spoken needs. We strive to minimize our technology's carbon footprint by taking steps to reduce our own personal waste, as well as manufacture our parts with eco-friendly materials.


Partnering with the Water Water Everywhere Team - we were global finalists in the "Innovate for Impact" Siemens Sponsored Engineering for Change design competition.

- "Engineering for Change and Siemens Announce Finalists in Innovate for Impact: Siemens Design Challenge", BusinessWire, August 2020.

The C3 Accelerator offers grants, investments, and services that support the development and scaling of Cleantech, Climatech, and Circular Economy technologies.

- C3 Accelerator cash prize winners.

ManuTech Pitch Competition: Physical Products & Hardware - This event highlighted startups and entrepreneurs creating innovative physical products and/or hardware right here in Michigan.

- Learn more about the event here.

Spartan Innovations announces seventh Conquer Accelerator Cohort! The 10-week accelerator welcomes five teams to its East Lansing program: Detroit Maid, Fleet-Lab, Kibage, KindKatch, and Meknology.

-learn more about the Conquer Accelerator


Meet Yonis Salah! Chemical Engineering CADE Intern from Conquer Accelerator of Michigan State University Foundation!

Yonis Salah is a senior at Michigan State University (MSU), where he is majoring in Chemical

Engineering. His interest in Chemical Engineering started in high school when he saw how a

clean(er) source of water could change the lives of so many people. While in Somalia, he learned

the power of engineering and began planning his goals accordingly. During his early years,

Yonis studied in 3 of the 7 continents before coming to MSU,

Daniel Hodges

CEO & Founder Meknology LLC

Daniel founded Meknology to apply innovative technological solutions to issues of social justice and sustainability, such as were highlighted by the water crisis of Flint, Michigan.

Don Reimer

Resident Strategic Expert

Don's years of creating and supporting an Entrepreneurial Engineering mindset help businesses to develop impactful and sustainable commercial solutions.

Eric Leblanc

Technical Build Leader

With technical leadership experience in the automotive industry, Eric's systematic approach, joy of learning and build expertise are key in R&D and Product Development.

Charles Cagigas

User Experience & Marketing Manager

Charles' passion for promoting our mission helps us to build our network. At the same time, his expertise in user-interface design, helps us to create intuitive products and services.

Dennis Shaver

Product Development & Business Strategist

Dennis is a bestselling author of "The Entrepreneurial Incubator: Secrets to Getting your Invention from Mind to Market" and brings his proven expertise in successful product commercialization to our team.

John Bracknell

Centrepolis Prototype Lab Manager

A retired aviation structure mechanic for the USAF, John is a "can-do" expert. He brings his wealth of experience in product design and prototyping to our team.

Richard Broo

Principal & Founder of True North PMP Consulting

Richard is a plastics material expert who helps us to make sure our material choices meet our exacting technical standards with an eye towards sustainability.

Mike Sneller

President at Contrast Applied Engineering Solutions

Mike is a plastic injection molding expert with years in the automotive industry. With his help, our team incorporates design best-practices for all of our polymer components.


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