Meknology LLC

Innovative Technological Solutions for People and the Planet

Founded during the 2020 Pandemic, Meknology's purpose is to help those who have been adversely affected by social injustice with access to empowering technologies.

Meknology LLC was founded with the belief that the right technology and application of it can expose people to possibilities for empowerment that they may not have seen otherwise. It must be affordable and readily available for it to be good for the user.

Our team is truly out to make a positive impact in the world with smart and well thought out solutions that fit each customer's (and/or user's) spoken and un-spoken needs.

Finally, our designs are eco-aware to eco-friendly. We strive to minimize our technology's carbon footprint.

Water Water Everywhere - Global Finalists in Siemens and Engineering for Change sponsored competition "Innovate for Impact". Great Job, Team!!!!

Innovate for Impact

Partnering with the Water Water Everywhere Team - Global Finalists in the "Innovate for Impact" Siemens Sponsored Engineering for Change design competition to address the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals around clean water.


BusinessWire Reports

“We received brilliant submissions from more than 30 countries, and our eight finalists exemplify Siemens’ core belief: that a combination of ingenuity nurtured with the right digital tools enables us to expand what’s humanly possible.” -Barbara Humpton, CEO, Siemens USA [1]

For more information about Innovate for Impact: Siemens Design Challenge, please visit

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ZDNET has taken an active interest...

Finalists chosen in global engineering challenge to save humanity - ZDNet [2]

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2 - "Finalists Chosen in Global Engineering Challenge to Save Humanity", ZDNET, August 2020